Meet the members of Bayview Ghost

Gary Singleton

Gary Singleton - lead singer

Gary has been singing his whole life every chance he had. School musicals, karaoke and any other opportunity to learn and practice his art. One day D'Arcy Cain heard him singing in a karaoke bar and was impressed enough to ask him to try out for his band. The band agreed and Gary became our lead singer following us to Bayview Ghost when we formed that band later.

Gary says that he has the great good fortune to sing the music of his life backed by an amazing group of talented musicians. The band feels the same about him.

Aslan Gotov

Aslan Gotov - keyboards

Aslan was born in the North Caucasus mountain village Jaco, of Karachay-Cherkessia, the son of Russia's beloved musician Khusyn Gotov. Aslan has worked extensively all over the world as a performer, composer and arranger.

In February 1996, he formed the group "Oshten", under the auspices of the Adighe State Philharmonic. Over the years of work in ensembles, Aslan created a large number of treatments of Circassian old folk songs and songs of local composers. The Oshten Ensemble has performed at many jazz festivals held in the North Caucasus, and continues to win awards and acclaim.

In 2002, Aslan and his family moved to Moscow where he became a deputy director and arranger for Yu. Silantiev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra. From 2006 to 2009, he was Senior Editor for a variety of programs while continuing to engage in other creative endeavors.

Since 2010 he has been living and working in Toronto, Canada.

D'Arcy Cain

D'Arcy Cain - bass guitar

D'Arcy has been playing guitar since 1967. In 2003 he started performing seriously. A relative newcomer to professional playing, D'Arcy has been performing with many local musicians for a few years now.

D'Arcy plays various instruments. In Bayview Ghost he plays a Fender five-string Jazz Bass with flatwound strings. He also plays a vintage El Degas P-Bass copy with DiMarzio Pickups. D'Arcy also plays other instruments including guitar, keyboard and harmonica.

For more information on D'Arcy and his music go to his personal music page.

Jeremy Ronson

Jeremy Ronson - drums and percussion

Jeremy draws from his jazz and R&B roots to lay down the beats for Bayview Ghost. After studying timpani and percussion with John Wyre and Russell Hartenberger at the University of Toronto and later with Fred Hinger in New York, he played in the Thunder Bay Symphony (principal timpanist, 1976-83), and for the National Ballet and Canadian Opera Company orchestras. He also spent many years doing freelance percussion in the classical, rock, and jazz scenes - recording and touring. Exploring good quality music - especially African, Caribbean and other world beats, R&B and jazz - is only one of Jeremy's many interests.